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Chanel’s new Paris Venise fragrance

Chanel's new Paris Venise fragrance
Chanel’s new Paris Venise fragrance

Paris-Venice, all Gabrielle Chanel’s taste for the Baroque and Venetian spirit in a perfume

If Gabrielle Chanel left us a few years ago, her name seems to be forever inscribed in our history. The designer is considered one of the most iconic women of the last century. Not only is it to her that we owe this empire of luxury, but she is also a central figure in the emancipation of women. Therefore, the sign bearing his name never fails to pay homage to him. Today, the new Paris-Venice perfume highlights its taste for Italy and for the baroque spirit of this place.

All Gabrielle Chanel’s love for Venice

It was in 1980 that perfumer Jacques Polge discovered Gabrielle Chanel’s love for the baroque and the Venetian spirit. He was first struck by the richness of the decorations in his apartment. Then, this was confirmed when he came across photographs of the designer aboard a gondola, dressed in a striped sweater and a men’s cap. Gabrielle Chanel liked to visit the City of the Doges regularly. Moreover, the Byzantine art which reigns in this place considerably marked the esthetics of the seamstress. It is therefore natural that Venice invites itself into the brand’s niche fragrance .

The comforting breath of Paris-Venice perfume

Presented in a sober and elegant bottle, the Paris-Venice fragrance gives off a soothing scent. Designed by Olivier Polge, it revolves around the smell of a typically Mediterranean and solar neroli, associated with tonka bean and vanilla. The idea in this juice was to transcribe the feeling of Gabrielle Chanel when she went to this place. She saw it as a way to relax between two creations.

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