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Chanel – Rouge Coco Le Rouge Continuous Hydration

Chanel New Rouge Coco N402 Adrienne
Chanel New Rouge Coco N402 Adrienne

Chanel reformulates its iconic lipstick: The favorite beauty accessory of Mademoiselle and all women

Rouge Coco – Le Rouge Continuous hydration

A new, more sensory, more hydrating formula all day long. A new color palette inspired by the close friends of Mademoiselle Chanel, those who simply called her Coco. To sublimate your Rouge Coco, underline it with a line of tone-on-tone Lips Crayon.

Composition – Coconut Red

For continuous hydration and optimal comfort Chanel combines 3 vegetable waxes: Mimosa, Jojoba, Tournesol. For more softness and a perfect glide we find Silicone wax. For a perfect hold, a latest generation polymer film associated with silicone beads provides hold and enhanced shine. This new hydraboost complex from Chanel provides a voluptuous glide on your lips for a plump effect and luminous color.

Shades – Coconut Red

Rouge Coco is available in 24 shades which are an integral part of the Rouge Coco strip:

Chanel New Rouge Coco N406 Antoinette
Chanel New Rouge Coco N406 Antoinette

My family:
(Beiges & Bruns)

N ° 400: Louise
N ° 402: Adrienne: in reference to Coco Chanel’s aunt. For the most generous women.
N ° 404: Julia
N ° 406: Antoinette: in reference to the sister of Coco Chanel who followed her in her beginnings as a designer and model. For visionary women, an artist at heart.
N ° 408: Jeanne

Chanel New Rouge Coco N416 Coco
Chanel New Rouge Coco N416 Coco

My muses:
(Les Oranges)

N ° 410: Catherine
N ° 412: Théran
N ° 414: Sari Doré
N ° 416: Coco: For all women who live every moment fully like Coco Chanel.
N ° 418: Misia: In reference to Misia Sert (friend, muse of Mademoiselle Chanel). For curious art lovers.

Chanel New Rouge Coco N430 Marie
Chanel New Rouge Coco N430 Marie

My friends:
(Les Roses & Bois de Rose)

N ° 420: Vera
N ° 422: Olga
N ° 424: Edith
N ° 426: Roussy: In reference to Roussy Sert friend of Coco Chanel. For optimistic and spontaneous women.
N ° 428: Legend
N ° 430: Marie: In reference to Duchess Marie Pavlovna who brought her precious embroidery to Mademoiselle Chanel.
N ° 432: Cécile
N ° 434: Mademoiselle: In homage to the elegant and daring Coco Chanel who upset the codes of fashion in her time and who will always remain the eternal “Mademoiselle”. For the reckless women who overturn the rules with grace.
N ° 436: Maggy
N ° 438: Suzanne

Chanel New Rouge Coco N440 Arthur
Chanel New Rouge Coco N440 Arthur

My loves:
(Les Rouges)

N° 440 : Arthur : Vibrant hommage à Arthur Boy Capel, Le Grand Amour de Coco Chanel. Pour les femmes courageuses libre et volontaire qui écoutent leur cœur.
N° 442 : Dimitri
N° 444 : Gabrielle
N° 446 : Étienne

Chanel New Rouge Coco N452 Emilenne
Chanel Nouveau Rouge Coco N452 Émilienne

Mes amis artistes :
(Les Violines)

N° 448 : Élise
N° 450 : Ina
N° 452 : Émilienne : En référence à Émilienne d’Alençon, qui fût l’une des premières à porter les création de Mademoiselle Chanel. Pour les femmes avant – gardistes prêtes à prendre les devants.
N° 454 : Jean

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