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Cerruti 1881 for Women, available in a box

Cerruti 1881 for Women, a new revelation available in a box
Cerruti 1881 for Women, a new revelation available in a box

Cerruti 1881 Woman, the feminine revelation of Cerruti in a box

Cerruti 1881 pour Femme bears this name to pay tribute to the year of creation of this great luxury brand. Thus, he is the embodiment of his style and portrays the portrait of the Cerruti woman to us: “Today, the woman is everything at the same time. Contrasts and harmonies, naturalness and ambiguity, sensuality and sophistication, modesty and daring. I imagined a perfume to meet her, ”said Nino Cerruti. “It is a call to the senses and to the imagination. Like a spell, there is something instinctive and at the same time something very subtle.

Linen as the main ingredient in Cerruti 1881 for Women

Cerruti has made linen the red thread of its perfume. This very feminine and emotionally charged material takes us into an intimate universe. What is more, she creates a close link with the world of sewing. First, the flax flower reveals its freshest and brightest side to us. It is associated with bergamot and galbanum. Then, it becomes more romantic in contact with lily of the valley and freesia. Its heart is a huge bouquet of flowers made from jasmine, orange blossom, rose and chamomile. The violet reinforces its powdery side and the mimosa illuminates the whole. Finally, its base becomes more subtly woody. It contains sandalwood, coriander, rosewood and benzoin. Musk, ambrette seeds and incense then increase its share of sensuality.

The Box of Cerruti 1881 Woman

Cerruti 1881 pour Femme is unveiled this time in an elegant beige box reminiscent of the color of female skin . It elegantly contains the 50 ml bottle of Cerruti 1881 for Women, accompanied by the shower gel from the same range.

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