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Burberry – Men’s Miniatures Box

Burberry - Men's Miniatures Box

Discover the Burberry Men’s Miniatures Box …

Burberry Miniatures Box

Buy the Burberry Miniatures Box at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Burberry brings together in an elegant and refined box, the miniatures of five emblematic masculine fragrances of the brand

The Burberry Men’s Miniatures Box contains:

  • The Burberry Miniature for Men 4.5 ml
  • La Miniature Touch for Men 4.5ml
  • The Miniature Brit for Men 4.5ml
  • The Burberry Sport Miniature for Men 4.5 ml
  • La Miniature The Beat for Men 4.5 ml

Burberry pour Homme is founded on the brand’s heritage: understated refinement, timeless allure, legendary style. For a man of tradition, naturally elegant. Burberry Touch pour Homme combines tradition, family and complicity. For the man in search of authenticity, refinement and softness.

Eclectic and modern, Burberry Brit pour Homme captures the brand’s British style and youthful spirit. For a spontaneous man, naturally relaxed. Burberry The Beat pour Homme is an avant-garde fragrance, combining energy, tradition and independence. For a natural style and a modern, masculine and dynamic attitude. Inspired by the British outdoors and performance, Burberry Sport pour Homme reflects energy, attitude and vitality. For an energetic man, in search of sensations.

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