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Black Opium Zebra, the new limited edition of the cult perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent

Black Opium Zebra, the new limited edition of the cult perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent
Black Opium Zebra, the new limited edition of the cult perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent

Black Opium is much more than a perfume. It is one of the bestsellers in feminine perfumery, one of the most emblematic essences of the Yves Saint-Laurent house . Many times in its history, this fragrance synonymous with addiction has already been reinvented. Even today, history repeats itself, in a limited edition called Black Opium Zebra. Following the previous Black Opium Eau de Parfum Neon, this new juice does not revisit the scent of Yves Saint-Laurent perfume itself. He simply offers it a new packaging… Enough to delight collectors!

Black Opium Zebra, the same scent as the 2014 Black Opium fragrance

Black Opium Zebra in no way transforms the 2014 perfume designed by Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp. Its fragrance remains unchanged and it is still an oriental and gourmet nectar, giving rise to immediate addiction. As a reminder, Black Opium is based on a fascinating chiaroscuro game, while being enriched with an intense sip of caffeine. From its first notes, the power of black coffee hits us full force. This surprising accord is associated with vibrant spices, and more exactly with pink berries. Gradually, however, Black Opium Zebra softens on contact with white flowers, such as jasmine or orange blossom. In a real burst of brightness, a juicy and greedy pear opens a sweeter path. Then comes her terribly sensual accord of vanilla,

The new bottle of Black Opium Zebra

The real novelty of this limited edition of 2021 lies rather in its bottle. To our great pleasure, its emblematic bottle “is dressed in a hypnotic zebra print”. This gives it a more rock ‘n’ roll, magnetic and femme fatale side. Here, black and silver sequins draw a zebra pattern on its walls. More than ever, Black Opium Zebra promises us an intense night. For the rest of this bottle, its silhouette remains completely unchanged. Strangely familiar, Black Opium Zebra retains its square shape intact, combining strength and roundness. A round porthole always opens in its center, as if to reveal its greatest secrets to us. Black Opium Zebra invites us into the dark night and puts on her most beautiful flamboyant dress!

Black Opium Zebra, a scent thought like a shiver on the skin

Black Opium Zebra by Yves Saint-Laurent is a concentrate of adrenaline that invites itself on the body of women and makes the heart beat faster. With this new bottle, he depicts the portrait of a femme fatale all the more. The one who wears it is invited to live her life superlatively, to follow her desires and her instinct, to assume her singularity, quite simply. Black Opium Zebra only becomes more seductive and terribly poignant!

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