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Biotherm – Total Non Stop Hydrating Recharge

Biotherm Homme Total Non Stop Hydrating Recharge
Biotherm Homme Total Non Stop Hydrating Recharge

Biotherm launches a new hydrating fluid

Total Non Stop Hydrating Refill

Buy Total Non Stop Hydrating Refill on Fragrenza Perfumes.

The Non Stop Hydrating Fluid is associated with the Total Recharge range .

Instantly your skin will be rested as if you had 4 more hours of sleep. She will be hydrated for 24 hours. This energizing cocktail will bring you an immediate healthy glow.

Your skin will be regenerated, soothed and protected thanks to the Plankton of Life. The imperfections of your skin will be blurred thanks to the plant polymers. Your skin will be refreshed thanks to the benefit of Energy Complex.

The Total Recharge fluid gel is used daily, morning and evening for a continuous effect against fatigue.

Find the Total Recharge range at the best price with our male skincare partner: Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Biotherm Homme products .

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