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Beautiful Day, the return of Castelbajac in perfumery

Beautiful Day, the return of Castelbajac in perfumery
Beautiful Day, the return of Castelbajac in perfumery

This is not the first time that Castelbajac has entered the world of perfumery. Moreover, the brand had made a lot of talk about it, in 2001, by releasing a fragrance called Doudou. It had aroused many emotions thanks to its smell similar to that of Cleopatra glue. This creation by Maurice Roucel was thus able to revive our childhood memories in a single breath. However, the latter has now been withdrawn from the market. If many Castelbajac fans demanded a worthy successor to this first juice, it seems that it is now done thanks to the release of the new Beautiful Day.

The very artistic universe of Castelbajac

As always, Jean-Charles Castelbajacbased the universe of his new perfume on art and pop culture. Indeed, Castelbajac has a habit of collaborating with painters and integrating their canvases into its clothes. However, it seems that the paint has this time made its appearance on the bottle of this new perfume. The Beautiful Day case has an inimitable look. This one favors the three primary colors and thus immediately draws us into the world of painting. What’s more, each color seems to matter. “Yellow for human warmth, red for passion and blue for hope”. The purpose of this perfume is to spark the imagination. Its bottle forms a thick rectangle of white glass. This is interspersed with a window similar to a table. On its front face, the silhouette of a woman is drawn in a fairly minimalist style. The name of this fragrance, meanwhile, fits into this square while forming a wave. For more refinement, the whole is still topped with a gilded metal plate and a cabochon entirely lacquered in black. In this way, Beautiful Day plays on oppositions to create fascination.

The floral and gourmet fragrance of Beautiful Day

In terms of fragrances, Castelbajac once again called on the perfumer Maurice Roucel. While the recipe for this essence has not been fully disclosed, we already know that certain points of similarity will be closer to the previous Castelbajac fragrance. In addition, Beautiful Day contains almond. The idea is to create, through this essence, an almost childish gluttony arousing the imagination. The almond is thus worked there in all its forms. It is accompanied here by the femininity of heliotrope and the lightness of lily of the valley. Orange blossom, on the other hand, reinforces the solar sensation of this perfume. Beautiful Day also draws its liveliness from citrus notes dominated by bitter orange. Finally, this fragrance envelops itself in sweetness. It ends with a smooth blend of tonka bean and vanilla. Musk also reinforces its sensuality. The result is a wildly feminine and very creative fragrance.

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