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Armani’s totem fragrance, Armani codes in a new box

Armani's totem fragrance, Armani codes in a new box
Armani’s totem fragrance, Armani codes in a new box

Armani Code, the Armani totem in a box

Armani is an Italian fashion house that follows strict rules . It advocates the simplicity of lines, the sobriety of colors, the choice of raw materials and the perfection of detail. Thus, it is precisely on this that the elegance of Armani rests. However, it is all this code of refinement that we find in the Armani Code box set. This scent is like a perfectly tailored black suit. It sublimates the men who wear it and gives them a natural and seductive charisma. Armani Code is a perfume synonymous with mystery and sensuality which is revealed this time in a unique box.

The seductive breath of Armani Code

Armani Code is a fragrance that belongs to the olfactory family of ferns, a great classic in men’s perfumery. It begins with a sensation of freshness brought by the citron. Thus, it has a false air of Eau de Cologne. However, this sensation does not last and its heart is quickly joined by a more aromatic facet. Armani Code also contains olive blossom and star anise. More than ever, it claims its Mediterranean origins with its ingredients. Finally, it ends with a more masculine and determined character. Its wake brings together the smoky scent of guaiac wood and the enveloping sensation of tonka bean.

Armani’s box

Armani Code is revealed this time in an elegant black and gold box. For the occasion, he takes on particularly festive airs and seems to have put on his 31 . It brings together three products from the range, namely the Armani Code shower gel, its aftershave balm and, of course, its 75 ml perfume spray.

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