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Aqua Kenzo pour Femme, the new feminine fragrance

Aqua Kenzo pour Femme, the new feminine fragrance
Aqua Kenzo pour Femme, the new feminine fragrance

Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle, Kenzo’s addiction to bottled water

The Kenzo house marked a real turning point in its artistic inspiration with the takeover of the company by two new directors. This is how Kenzo World appeared , a fragrance with a new outlook on the world . However, today, Kenzo has chosen to give pride of place to a theme that is dear to him: that of water. Indeed, in 1996, the brand had already developed a fragrance called L’Eau par Kenzo. Today, it comes back and gives us a new aquatic flavor. Focus on Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle.

Water as a source of inspiration for Kenzo

When Kenzo developed L’Eau par Kenzo in 1996, his idea was to give this odorless product a more innovative color and richness. “Water has no colors. So I wanted colorful water. Fruit, flowers, freshness and happiness. However, it seems that this is once again what inspired the creation of Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle. Based on our source of life and on the wealth of the planet’s first treasure, Kenzo has crafted an essence synonymous with poetry. This perfume pays homage to nature and brings a little charm and softness to our urban universe. From then on, Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle appears to be a bubble of serenity. This juice combines delicacy, emotion and sensuality. All in freshness, it brings an indisputable vivacity to the one who wears it. What’s more, its slogan could not be clearer.

When Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle takes on a floral and fruity scent

Aqua Kenzo perfumes
Aqua Kenzo perfumes

In fact, while this scent gives off an extreme feeling of freshness , it is not really aquatic. Designed by Louise Turner, it focuses much more on the scent of flowers and fruits. He thus associates the dynamism of plants with the romanticism of plants. It first takes off on a juicy and tangy combination of tangerine and raspberry leaves. Its heart, meanwhile, brings together three emblematic plants of women’s perfumery: jasmine, rose and magnolia. Finally, Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle gains in depth and tenacity in its wake. It is wrapped in patchouli and vetiver.

Kenzo opts for a bottle sculpted by waves

Finally, on the bottle side, the least we can say is that Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle is very much inspired by the silhouette of its predecessor, whose bottle was reinterpreted in 2003. Here we have a bottle with wavy glass, as if directly sculpted by the waves. This container offers us a unique tactile and sensory experience. The transparency of its glass, for its part, lets express the tenderness of a turquoise blue shade. Both sober but refined, Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle offers a unique grip. Its frosted glass, meanwhile, only gives it a more raw and contemporary side.

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