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Angel the star fragrance

Angel the star fragrance
Angel the star fragrance

As its bottle suggests, Angel has been a star that has been shining for years in the world of perfumery. It literally heckled the codes of this sector when it was released as if to better propel itself to the top of sales and never leave them again.

Angel, a revolutionary fragrance

Thierry Mugler said: “I have always wanted to make a perfume that could have a common resonance to everyone”. Also, this is precisely the case with the Angel perfume. However, this one completely upset the codes of perfumery. In this case, he was the first to offer the smell of something that you want to eat. He places himself halfway between the tenderness and the carefree childhood. It almost makes you want to “eat the person you love”. It is the symbol of all the audacity that we recognize in Thierry Mugler associated with his love for the stars. Indeed, the creator confides that he has always been fascinated by this star and that it sticks better than any other to his personality as a sweet dreamer.

The delicious smell imagined by Thierry Mugler

Angel was created in 1992 by perfumer Olivier Cresp. Besides, he was the only one to accept this contract. Indeed, Thierry Mugler encountered many refusals when he presented his brief. No one before him had dared in perfumery to offer such delicious, sweet and regressive notes. However, even today, Angel is more than ever in the trend. It releases a scent built around patchouli. This is associated with an accord of praline, caramel and chocolate. Likewise, fruity scents such as those of passion fruit, peach, tangerine or apricot further increase his addiction. Undeniably, Angel dresses the woman who wears him with a powerful wake of desire.

Soon a new star will be born: ANGEL MUSE

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