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Allure in sport with CHANEL

Allure in sport with CHANEL
Allure in sport with CHANEL

Allure Homme Sport is a fresh and sensual fragrance that invites you to escape and serenity. He seems to be constantly on the move and seems to be born from a healthy mind in perfect harmony with his body. Sport then seems to reveal the authenticity and serenity of man . What’s more, this fragrance is not only particularly dynamic, it is also very sensual and elegant.

The harmony of man according to Chanel

The Chanel man has an indefinable attitude which only gives him unparalleled charm. He seems perfectly at ease with his body and displays an immediate and powerful seduction. If her athletic grace seems simply irresistible, so too is her scent. Allure Homme Sport portrays us the image of a sensual , warm, dynamic and serene man. In short, his conquering strength makes him a gentleman whom no one can resist. Allure Homme Sport is a sort of masculine echo of Mademoiselle Chanel’s strength. Moreover, it is very strongly inspired by the many influential men who have passed through the life of this renowned designer.

The freshly woody scent of Allure Homme Sport

Allure Homme Sport was created by perfumer Jacques Polge. Also, he exposes us four facets which intersect and respond to each other. The first is particularly fresh. It contains in particular tangerine, orange, aldehydes and neroli from Tunisia. Then, a sensual facet also appears. This releases the velvety warmth of Brazilian tonka bean as well as more amber tones and white musks. It is then that a more woody aspect imposes its virility. This one is full of Atlas cedar wood as well as vetiver. Finally, more spicy tones finish to energize the whole via the presence of black pepper from Madagascar. Allure Homme Sport is thus a seductive and powerful fragrance whose scent navigates between freshness and sensuality.

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