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A new set for the 1 Million fragrance by Paco Rabanne

A new treasure box for the 1 Million fragrance by Paco Rabanne
A new treasure box for the 1 Million fragrance by Paco Rabanne

1 Million, when Paco Rabanne’s ingot is revealed in a box

1 Million by Paco Rabanne is an essence inspired by man’s fascination with gold. As Paco Rabanne explains, “whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man”. He is the mirror of our ego and possesses an almost mystical power. It alone evokes seduction, fantasy, desire and design. From then on, it could only be fertile ground for the overflowing imagination of Paco Rabanne. Today, the luxurious universe of this juice is still pushed to its climax and 1 Million is now revealed in a box covered with a golden glaze.

1 Million, a fruity and seductive juice

1 Million is a fragrance that begins with a fresh and sparkling breath . Its scent flies on a trio of mandarin, mint and grapefruit. Then, his heart gains in intensity. Its elegance shines through in an alliance of rose and neroli spiked with cinnamon. Other spices also join the game. Finally, 1 Million ends with a more sensual and refined breath. It combines amber, Indonesian patchouli, white woods and leather. He thus gives us the image of a seductive man but not devoid of elegance.

A very luxurious box signed Paco Rabanne

For the occasion, Paco Rabanne decided to cover his perfume box with a gold coating. This grout looks like molten gold dripping on the walls of this cabinet . Inside, Paco Rabanne’s cardboard box contains two products from the range, namely 1 Million eau de toilette in a 100 ml spray bottle, accompanied as a gift by a 1 Million spray deodorant.

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