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A breath of fragrant happiness with the new J’Adore Injoy by Dior

A breath of fragrant happiness with the new J'Adore Injoy by Dior
A breath of fragrant happiness with the new J’Adore Injoy by Dior

J’Adore Injoy, a breath of happiness in a Dior box

J’Adore is a true myth of perfumery. It is one of the best-selling perfumes of the last decade. It is more exactly inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for women. Upon its release in 1999, it was a phenomenal success. Its notoriety earned it many reinterpretations. The latest creation from the Dior house is called J’Adore Injoy and reinterprets the scent of this cult perfume while adding an additional dose of ardor and optimism. In this context, Dior could not help but decline this perfume in an original box for the end of the year celebrations …

The floral and jovial breath of J’Adore Injoy

J’Adore Injoy is a fragrance that is very strongly inspired by its predecessor. However, it gives it some additional olfactory touches. Thus, they are now embellished with an unprecedented note of fleur de sel. Her bouquet of white flowers is always present. It brings together sambac jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang and tuberose. The peach, a smooth and tasty fruit, softens the whole. J’Adore Injoy is, as its name suggests, a concentrate of optimism and happiness.

The J’Adore Injoy box

Once again, with the J’Adore Injoy box set , the Dior house has played in the register of elegance. This perfume comes in an elegant white package, simply decorated with a few golden details. Thus, a snowflake sublimates its front face and a pretty golden bow is also attached to this packaging. Inside, the J’Adore Injoy box contains the 50 ml bottle of this fragrance associated with J’Adore body milk.

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